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Price List of Services

Outdoor boat accommodation

We have provided up to 150 dry berths to accommodate boats. The marina is fully enclosed and secured from unauthorized access. The boats are placed on dry docks or on their own trailer.

Boats are inspected daily throughout the contracted period.

Shrinking wrap foil boat protection

With outdoor accommodation, users can select to protect their boat with the heat shrinking foil, the so-called  shrinking wrap.

The foil extends over the entire boat with a special thermal edges, thus provides long lasting and safe protection against weather conditions during the off-season.

Indoor boat accommodation

We have prepared special prefabricated structures so that boats can be accommodated indoors. Roof windows are installed on the facilities, which allow sunlight to penetrate solar panels through which the batteries are maintained.

All facilities are capable of accommodating 50 boats, with three to four boats in one facility, depending on their size. In this way possible damages during boat moving is avoided and an easier access to the boat is possible.

Boat transportation

We use specially made trailers for transportation purposes.

When transporting, we pay special attention to boats’ safety, so that they can be delivered in the same condition they were received.

Boat maintenance

  • Antifouling application
  • Polishing
  • Inox polishing
  • Teak maintenance
  • Exterior and interior wash

Parking for cars, buses and trucks

We offer parking for cars, buses and trucks depending on your needs.

For more information send us an inquiry, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Camp depot

You can secure a place with us where your RV can “hibernate” and welcome you next year to enjoy it again.

For these purposes we offer a service of storing RVs, campers and trailers in enclosed and secured area. If you need transportation of your RV from/to the campsite, you can count on us.

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